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As a company, Noordung does not provide a financing service for the purchase of a bicycle, so we advise our customers who would like to purchase a bicycle in this way to check with their bank or a local service provider that allows the financing of an electric bicycle in several installments. On this page we want to present the possibility of such a purchase and its economics.


We understand that financing an electric bike can be a challenge, but your Noordung Bike may be more affordable than it seems. We suggest that you check with your bank what forms of financing they allow for the purchase of an electric bicycle. Below we have prepared an example of a financial calculation that can be the basis for your discussions with the bank. Also check if your country offers any subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle - these subsidies amount to between 500 and even 4,000 EUR in some countries and can significantly facilitate the purchase of your Noordung Bike.


If you replace your daily commute with a car by purchasing a Noordung bike, your monthly savings can be equal to or even greater than the cost of the purchase. The table below shows the potential monthly savings when replacing your car with an electric bike.

Avarage fuel costs
110 €

Avg car maintenance costs
90 €

Avg car maintenance costs 
80 €

Monthly savings 
280 €

Depreciation and taxes are not included in the table above. In fact, in the EU, vehicle costs range from 708 EUR per month in Norway to 364 EUR per month in Hungary, where these costs are the lowest in the EU. Without much exaggeration, it is safe to say that the monthly savings of switching from a car to an electric bike substantially exceed the costs of financing an electric bike, as shown above.


Eurostat estimates that the total carbon footprint of EU was equal to 6.8 tonnes of CO2 per person and is among the largest in the world per capita. A twenty-kilometer commute per day with an electric bicycle instead of a car can reduce the carbon footprint by 1 ton of CO2 per year, and every kilometer on a bicycle represents 250g less carbon in our atmosphere compared to a car. Cycling will not solve all our environmental problems, but it can make an important contribution to change.


We developed the Noordung Bike with the idea of change. Change in our transportation habits. Change in our mindset. Change in things that bring us pleasure and joy. Change in environmental awareness. Change in freedom. And in reality, all this cannot be put into a computer and calculated whether it is a cost or a profit.

It's a statement.

It is the beginning of change.