A tool for Change. 

You’re not just riding from A to B.  You’re becoming a part of a decentralized Air-Quality monitoring network.

Reinventing the Ride.

The Noordung Bike is an award-winning, intelligent, next-generation urban electric bike for modern, environmentally conscious people who want to make a positive contribution to society.


Ride Clever.

The most exciting innovation inside the Noordung Boombox is a PM 1.0 and PM 2.5 particle sensor that monitors air pollution. When you take it for a spin or use it as a standalone speaker, you collect real-time air quality data. Once the data is collected, it is available to you in the Noordung app. Use it to find the least polluted routes and enjoy the freshest air!


Ride Tunes.

The Noordung is a pioneer in combining your favourite songs with your favourite roads. At the heart of the Noordung Boombox are four powerful speakers capable of producing high-fidelity sound. To direct most of it straight to the driver, they are carefully angled upwards. Needless to say, the sound is fantastic!


Ride Power.

Our lightweight electric hub motor is integrated into the elegant rear wheel set, which was developed entirely by our own Noordung engineers. It is one of the lightest of its kind and operates very quietly. When you ride the Noordung with its assistance, it can achieve an assisted range of up to 80 km. However, because the Noordung is so light, it can also be ridden entirely without the help of the electric motor.


Ride Style.

Made to stand out from the crowd. A unique design, high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship make the Noordung a visually appealing urban e-machine. From the first sketches to the handcrafted carbon fibre end product, every move and every line is carefully planned and thought out. The result speaks for itself.


Ride Hybrid.

Our Noordung Boombox goes far beyond the function of a speaker and a battery that powers the electric motor and LED lights. It is also a real power bank! Basically, this ultimate standalone device is your reliable power source wherever you go. The fact that it can be quickly detached from the bike means that there are no limits to your imagination - either in terms of purpose or location!

Tech Specs


A - Head tube angle71,0°
B - Seat tube angle72,5°
C - Reach474 mm
D - Stack555 mm
E - Standover820 mm
F - Wheelbase1160 mm

Noordung One


FrameCarbon w/ kickstand
ForkDouble crown, 6061-T6 ALU
HandlebarBar stem combo, 680 mm
MotorAnsmann hub motor (250W)
Wheelset5 spoke carbon/ALU, 27.5”
TyresPirelli Angel GT Urban
CranksetMiranda, 40T chainring
DrivetrainMicroshift AdventX, 10 speed
BrakesMagura CT4, 180/ 160 mm
Saddle & GripsBrooks Cambium C17 & Ergo
Front & rear lightLitemove SE-150 & Lightskin
Phone holderNoordung Universal Holder
Weight (without Boombox)17.3 kg

2023 Model year


BatteryBoombox integrated, 250 Wh
ChargingUSB Type-C PD
Charging time (0-100%)3h
ChargerNoordung 100W
Bicycle assistance rangeUp to 60 km
Air quality sensorSensirion SPS30
SpeakersPowerful high-fidelity sound
ButtonIntuitive one button settings
ConnectivityWireless phone connection
Mounting on frameIntegrated electronic lock
Mobile appNoordung iOS app
Dimensions420 X 130 X 200 mm
Weight Boombox3.5 kg


100 €Reservation
Fully Refundable

Noordung Black

Black base with silver details.

6.990 €


Reservation: 100 € (Fully refundable)

Noordung Silver

Silver base with black details.

6.990 €


Reservation: 100 € (Fully refundable)

Noordung Individual

Your personalized choice.

From 9.990 €

Depending on the wishes

Reservation: 100 € (Fully refundable)

Knowledge is power!

Air pollution

Air pollution is contamination of both the indoor and outdoor air environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities and forest fires are the most common sources of air pollution.

Particulate matter

Particulate matter (PM) includes microscopic matter suspended in the air or water. Airborne particles are called aerosols, which are classified according to their size. The toxicity of the air we breathe is mainly caused by the particles that are less than 10 μg/m3 (PM 10 - less than 10 μg/m3, PM 2.5 - less than 2.5 μg/m3, and PM 1.0 - less than 1.0 μg/m3).

Health effects

Evolution has never faced the air pollution of present day proportions and our lungs do not possess the weapons to neutralize it. Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between the exposure to particulate matter and increased number of hospital admissions. Harmful in a short and long-term view, they are especially lethal to our respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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As a company, Noordung does not provide a financing service for the purchase of a bicycle, so we advise our customers who would like to purchase a bicycle in this way to check with their bank or a local service provider that allows the financing of an electric bicycle in several installments. On this page we want to present the possibility of such a purchase and its economics.


We understand that financing an electric bike can be a challenge, but your Noordung Bike may be more affordable than it seems. We suggest that you check with your bank what forms of financing they allow for the purchase of an electric bicycle. Below we have prepared an example of a financial calculation that can be the basis for your discussions with the bank. Also check if your country offers any subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle - these subsidies amount to between 500 and even 4,000 EUR in some countries and can significantly facilitate the purchase of your Noordung Bike.


If you replace your daily commute with a car by purchasing a Noordung bike, your monthly savings can be equal to or even greater than the cost of the purchase. The table below shows the potential monthly savings when replacing your car with an electric bike.

Avarage fuel costs
110 €

Avg car maintenance costs
90 €

Avg car maintenance costs 
80 €

Monthly savings 
280 €

Depreciation and taxes are not included in the table above. In fact, in the EU, vehicle costs range from 708 EUR per month in Norway to 364 EUR per month in Hungary, where these costs are the lowest in the EU. Without much exaggeration, it is safe to say that the monthly savings of switching from a car to an electric bike substantially exceed the costs of financing an electric bike, as shown above.


Eurostat estimates that the total carbon footprint of EU was equal to 6.8 tonnes of CO2 per person and is among the largest in the world per capita. A twenty-kilometer commute per day with an electric bicycle instead of a car can reduce the carbon footprint by 1 ton of CO2 per year, and every kilometer on a bicycle represents 250g less carbon in our atmosphere compared to a car. Cycling will not solve all our environmental problems, but it can make an important contribution to change.


We developed the Noordung Bike with the idea of change. Change in our transportation habits. Change in our mindset. Change in things that bring us pleasure and joy. Change in environmental awareness. Change in freedom. And in reality, all this cannot be put into a computer and calculated whether it is a cost or a profit.

It's a statement.

It is the beginning of change.