Frequently asked questions


What is the Noordung “Angel Edition”?

Noordung »Angel Edition« is a special pre-production mini series of 15 handmade urban electric bicycles for music lovers. It is based on our second Noordung N-02 prototype, which is presented on our home page. The bicycles from the »Angel Edition« mini series have their frame and boombox made from carbon composite and they use the best hardware in the market. Each bicycle is hand built with maximum precision and care. The Noordung boombox is a unique product in the world – it connects bicycling and music, it drives the electric motor, charges your electronic devices and it advises you to ride where the air is cleaner.


Why »Angel Edition«?

Because the buyers of the Noordung bicycle from this exclusive mini series is not a regular buyer for us, but more of a supporter of our idea and a true companion in our story. 15 buyers of the Noordung bicycle from the »Angel Edition« series will become our friends, a part of our family, and the ambassadors of the Noordung idea. They will be test-riders, debate partners in the future development, and possibly first investors in the Noordung company. In short – the buyers of these bicycles will be our angels.


The Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle is based on the Noordung N-02 prototype. What does that mean?

It means the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle is not a finished product yet. It is a prototype, which means, it does not yet have all the properties of a final product and some of the components are not fully tested and certified yet. In spite this the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle is made with exquisite craftmanship and care, and all the components that are purchased from the best suppliers in the world are adequately tested and certified. We ensure the buyers of the Noordung bicycle that we will fix all the problems on the prototype free of charge, and that all the bicycles from the »Angel Edition« series will be subject to a free upgrade with components, which will be developed in the future prototypes of this bicycle.


How fast will you deliver the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle?

We will deliver the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle within 4 months. The reason for this is that we need to order all the bits and pieces, produced by other manufacturers, in one package, and we can only do that when we sell the whole series of 15 bicycles. We also need to consider the relatively long time the suppliers of some components take to provide us with these special components.

The Noordung company is obliged to inform the buyers of the 15 »Angel Edition« bicycles regularly (on a weekly basis) about the progress of production of their bicycles.


How will the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle be delivered?

In the »Delivery« step of the check out process you can choose between two types of delivery. The first, preferred by the Noordung company, is a personal delivery by our founder and manager, Gregor Fras. That is true! He will personally deliver the bicycle. Because he wants to meet you, shake your hand, talk to you about possible investment into the company. But, most of all, he wants to see your eyes sparkle when you first ride your new special bicycle, the Noordung »Angel Edition«. Please note that personal delivery is only available for orders within European Union.

The shy among you can choose a more anonymous way of delivery – via the international delivery company UPS.


How can I pay for the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle?

The payment will be made in two steps. First, you will confirm the order for the product by partial payment of the purchase price in a fixed amount of EUR 800 via the payment service Paypal®.

After finishing your purchase, you will receive the contract and the pro-forma invoice for the part of the payment via e-mail, of which the actual total depends on whether your will need to cover the VAT or not. You will pay that amount through a bank transaction within 7 days from your order. You will also be required to send two signed copies of the sale and purchase contract to the headquarters of the Noordung company. All information for the bank transactions will be provided via electronic mail.


What is the price of the bicycle – including VAT, or nor?

The price of the product i.e. prototype bike Noordung from the series "Angel Noordung Edition" is stated on the web site www.noordung.com and in the sales contract. The price is expressed in nett Euros. Value added tax (VAT) shall be charged if applicable according to valid legislation (subject to changes):

for natural persons with residence in Slovenia or other EU countries VAT is charged;
• for legal persons with registered seat in Slovenia VAT is charged;
• for legal persons with VAT ID number with registered seat within the EU VAT is not charged (companies in EU are subject to the reversed VAT rule);
• for natural or legal persons with residence / registered seat outside EU VAT is not charged (it may be charged at customs, which the cost of Buyer).

Price does not include any customs duty, if applicable.


What are the special bonuses for me when I purchase the Noordung »Angel Edition«?

Directly after purchasing the bicycle every buyer will receive personal contact details from the founder and manager of the company, Mr. Gregor Fras. Personal contact will be maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Also, every buyer will have full access to the other members of the production team – the lead engineer and lead designer of the bicycle.

Within 7 days after signing the contract and payment of the remainder of the price you will receive the signed contract, but also the Noordung company Business plan. This will give you insight into further activities and the growth strategy of the Noordung company.

All the buyers of the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle will have the oportunity to invest in the company under very special terms. These terms will be presented to you within the scope of our business plan that will be delivered through mail.


Can I test ride the bicycle?

A test ride with the Noordung N-01 prototype is possible any day at the Noordung company headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A test ride with the Noordung N-02 prototype, which will be the basis for the Noordung »Angel Edition« series bicycle, will be possible within cca. 1 month in Ljubljana. Currently we are finishing the development of the prototype.


What are the terms of warranty for the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle?

The Noordung company provides a one year free of charge warranty to fix any error on the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle, and we will continue to handle our buyers with respect and special care to find an adequate solution for any problem. You are our angels, you know.

For all components manufactured by third parties that are used on the Noordung »Angel Edition« bicycle the warranty terms of their respectful manufacturers apply – sometimes they are longer than one year.