Angel Edition

We are proud to present the Noordung Angel Edition – an exclusive pre-production series
of only 15 handmade, precisely crafted urban electric Noordung bikes.

Joy in Journey.

We believe commuting is not just moving from one point to another.
For us it represents a journey of joy. We combine superior design with innovative
engineering to create a bike for the greatest user experience in bicycle industry ever.

Ride Electric

Awarded ultralight motor,
invisible built in the bike with
more than 30 km range.

Ride Music

Up to 100 hours of music
through the state-of-the-art
speakers, played from your phone.

Ride Ultralight

Feel the magic of one
of the lightest urban
electric bike in the world.

Ride Charged

Charge your phone,
tablet or computer with
USB connectors.

Ride Smart

Find the most eco-friendly routes
for your daily commute and
ride healthy.

Ride Simple

With our innovative magnetic
technology, move the boombox
quickly & easily.

8.000,00 €
9,760.00 € (INCL. VAT*)

Noordung Angel Edition special price.
Only 15 handcrafted bikes will be made.

* VAT shall be charged if applicable according to valid legislation.

Boombox. Outside of the box.

We took the battery and rethought it from all perspectives. The result is an innovative
multifunctional boombox that plays music from your mobile phone, empowers
pedal assistance, powers your laptop, tablet and phone, and analyzes air quality on your route.

USB connectors
Lithium-Ion batteries
Cutting-edge speakers
Air quality sensors
Bluetooth modul

* VAT shall be charged if applicable according to valid legislation.

Noordung bike. Reinventing the ride.

Yes, we are innovating the bike, but what we really want to do is to reinvent the ride.
Put joy in journey. Bring great user experience to biking.
We want to give you the ride of your life.

Rear Disc Brake

Brooks saddle

Ultralight E-motor


Carbon Frame

Shimano Metrea

Power Button

26" x 2.35 Tire

Front Disc Brake

Technical Specifications
Lightweight - Bike 15.6 kg
Lightweight - Boombox 2.7 kg
Frame & Boombox Carbon fiber
Drive Unit Vivax Assist 4.75 (200W)
Speakers 20 W RMS
Battery 33.6 V, 400 Wh
Battery Cells 18650 LiIon
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0, 2 USB fast charge
Crankset Shimano Metrea
Brake Front and rear disc brake
Saddle Brooks B17
Tires Cruzo 26" x 2.35

* VAT shall be charged if applicable according to valid legislation.

Be the first. Be the Angel.

There will be only 15 owners of Noordung Angel Edition handmade bikes in the world.
These 15 people will become our friends, family, ambassadors, advisors and partners.
Let us co-create this legend, and ride it into the future!

* VAT shall be charged if applicable according to valid legislation.

Urban Electric

"The best looking,
most well equipped
electric bike we've

"Shut up
and take